Edible Histories– a baking and storymaking space where alternative histories of Britain are revealed. Artist Orly Orbach has created a series of handcarved wooden pictorial biscuit moulds that tell stories of refugees’ experiences. The artworks will be available for public use. These edible biscuit sculptures depict significant moments in British refugee history and celebrates the achievements of notable figures who sought refuge in the UK over the past five centuries.

The interactive exhibition concludes with a tea making area where new stories are gathered, drawing upon the tradition of hospitality and tea rituals shared by many cultures throughout the world.

Orly Orbach is an illustrator who creates open books and visual narratives, often through collaborative and participatory processes. Her work explores alternative ways in which stories can be created and disseminated. Working across media and disciplines, she incorporates drawing, performance, moving image and interactive artworks to reinterpret ancient and modern myths, working with communities to explore ways of making narrative environments, embedding stories back into the landscape from which they were formed. The collaborative nature of her practice has led to numerous site-specific and community-based residencies, museum interpretation and socially-engaged regeneration projects.


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